Stress To Your Tresses

We’ve all heard that too much manipulation, weather,  lack of moisturizing, not sealing and of course heat can damage our hair.  But did you know that our mental health also can play a role in a healthy mane.  Stress can play a role in your hair’s healthiness, or rather, lack there of.  The next time you are upset, angry or worried – LET IT GO!  Notice I didn’t say don’t do these things, cause we are human, life has a way of making us experience different emotions.  But what we can do is control the emotion so that it will not dwell within us and cause us to be stressed over the situation.  On the other hand if you just cannot control yourself – which i doubt 🙂 – just show your hair some extra TLC during this time.  Drink more water, make sure your hair stairs moisturized inside and out. Be sure to lock the moisture in by using your sealant. And certainly protect it from the elements, be it your bed spread, the heat or the cold.


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