Keeping Moisturized Hair

Without moisturizing our hair it will be damaged beyond recognition!  This is the key to healthy hair whether you are natural or relaxed.  Unmoisturized hair not only looks dry but it actually is and as a result split ends will development.  Unmoisturized hair will be weak, brittle, and eventually break…all… off.  People who wonder why their hair stagnates may be suffering from an unmoisturized mane.  When you moisturize and how you moisturize will depend on your specific hair needs…no two people are the same.  This is one of the those things you will certainly have to experiment with early on in your journey, to find out your hair’s moisture requirements.

There are many ways that our hair gets moisturized: butters, creams, oils,  conditioners, deep conditioning, baggy method, and primarily WATER.  Most of us have been training to look for the ingredients in our hair products and water should be a key ingredient.    This water supply should be gained applying topically to the hair and consumption.  What we put in our bodies is shown in our hair and skin.  Your skin and hair will be hydrated and will be visible and provide for an overall healthier you.

A great way to moisture is to make sure your product contains a humectant.  Humectants pull moisture from the air into the hair which in turn help keep hair moisturized (it has an opposite reaction in dry climates…there it will pull moisture from the hair). Here are a few natural humectants that are pretty easy to get your hands on: honey, glycerin, glycol, and aloe vera.  As part of my regimen you will notice that all of these items are included either as a daily moisturizer or as a DC.

Now once we get the needed moisture to our hair we have to keep it sealed.  Sealants are discussed at Moisture Sealants.

A well sealed moisturized mane has to be kept so and this is achieved by wearing a satin/silk cap to sleep.  Sleeping in the satin cap will not cause friction like cotton or other fabrics.  This friction causes the hair to break.  In addition to breaking hair the moisture we attempt to seal will be stolen by cotton whereas silk or satin will not rob us our moisture.


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