Moisture Sealants

One of the best things we can do for our hair is to keep it moisturized. This is a vital part of having a good healthy head of hair. It’s a vital part of retaining length. It’s a vital part to make our strands healthy. It’s a pretty big deal. So we know how to moisturize our strands and this post will talk about how we can keep that moisture in the hair.

OIL, Oil, oil is the key to keeping the moisture locked in our hair. Oil is a natural sealant. It coats the strands so that the moisture is trapped in and will not be released into the air. Some of these are also carrier oils.

The primary part of the hair strand that you should seal are the ends, however depending on what type of oil it is I will normally coat my entire strand from root to end because oils are also good for our scalp. Some oils that have work wonders for my hair are below.

EVOO – one of the first I tried…it was poppin among youtubers…lol. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great moisturizer and useful in homemade deep conditioner. It helps to strengthen hair as well. It is not apart of my regimen now but it does work. I started trying other things and stuck with those I felt my hair needed most.

Coconut OIl – my first love with oil. This is also great for moisturizing and deep conditioning. Others use it to pre-poo…I’ve never tried it for that purpose but I’m sure if so many swear by it that it works. I presently use it as part of my deep conditioning

Jojoba Oil – helps with split ends, it’s a fabulous in a deep conditioning mix, and it is good for dry scale. Almost forget that it moisturizes as well. I use this to seal with presently.

Grapeseed Oil – moistuizes and helps the hair shine. I presently seal with this also, I rotate between it and the jojoba oil.

Vitamin E Oil – This is a SUPER oil! It has so many benefits for hair, such as hair growth and loss prevention, it repairs split ends and it helps with moisture. I currently use it to seal and to message scalp.

These are the only ones that I have tried thus far, in the future I plan to try others such as sweet almond oil, carrot seed oil, and avacodo oil. Shea butter is also used as sealant, however I’ve never used it for that purpose.


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