Inside Out


So outside of healthy hair, mind, and body HERE it is…


8/21 Genius
Today while my 20 year old was baking a pizza in the oven my two year old says, “it’s genius”. So the 20 year old says, “What’s genius buttercup?” Then the two year old said,” the light” As she held up her hands in a explanatory way. She was referring to the light in the oven being a genius idea. I tell you this kid is advanced far beyond her years.

8/20 Playing The Drums
So the other day I was doing my two year old’s hair on my bed and she had a comb and a clip pretending to play the drums with the bed as the drum itself. Well because she was moving her head to the beat, I asked her to hold her head still. Her response was,” I’m playing the drums I can’t hear you.” And she proceeding to play. She is too much for me. SMH! Lmbo!

8/8 Courageously Adventurous

My son and some friends are planning to go sky diving. I’m so proud that he is so diverse and willing to try new things HOWEVER why does this have to be so extream! Don’t get me wrong this is something that I’ve thought about YET never really pursued because Its too much for me. I love a good thrill…. On a roller coaster maybe but that’s about it. The new water ride at Six Flags America in Largo Maryland, the one were you drop straight down in a tube? Yep that one. You will not catch me waiting in that line anytime soon either. So he is planning to do this on Monday and Iplan on being there!


I find myself wondering how my two  oldest children can be extreme opposites.  The only things they have in common are  parents and blood.  Literally! My 20 year daughter old thinks life is about living it up.  Part of that she gets from me, when I was her age I was heavy in the party scene.  The difference  is I was better at prioritizing the things I needed to do over the things that would give me pleasure.  My son, 19,  could care less about any party. My daughter is a phenomenal sales person, having worked at two upscale department stores, but cannot hold onto money.  A bit of a shopaholic.  My son while he is in love with money, he is into saving.  He buys what he needs only, the rest of the money he makes goes straight to the bank.  Now for the bad things.  I tell my son to do something, its done. I tell my daughter to do something, its done on her time when she feels the need to listen to me.  My son and I dont agree, he is cool with that.  My daughter and I dont agree, its a full blown argument with her telling me that I’m wrong.  My son knows that with my title to him comes respect and honor.  My daughter believes that I have to earn her respect…the Bible is a lie (or so she thinks).

I raised them both together, no differences…I just dont get it.  But I’m sure that the only things heredity did was give them their biological makeup because when it comes to their life views…well this was each of their own choices. Regardless of any of this I love all three of my babies. The same.


So I’m sitting here blogging and my two year old, who was previously sitting beside me watching Elmo, hoped down starting pacing back and forth while tapping her face with her pointer fingers. I asked her what she was doing and she said, “I’m thinking, I’m thinking”. She is too much for me.


I am never amazed at how inconsiderate some people can be. Unfortunately inconsiderate people surround us. So the question is am I too blame for thinking any differently when I know what to expect ? Or more plainly put if I know people are going to be inconsiderate of me should I allow myself to be bothered by it?  You can find my answer to myself  in the 7/31 entry at  A Peaceful Place

So out of no where the 2 year old says where my baby daddy? I’m like what? She is running around looking for my husband. Then when she locates him, she hugs him and says “awwww, there go baby daddy”. This little girl says the funniest things.