Always Be Prepared

When you are faced with a situation that you know is not going to turn out good don’t beat yourself up over something you cannot change. You always have decisions going in all situations, so that you decided to take on this “situation”, you have to brace yourself and understand fully what you’ve gotten yourself into. When you do this you prepare yourself for all the negativity that can come your way. When we are prepared for things you can handle them better. We’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t cry over spoiled milk” but instead prepare (not expect…to separate meanings) yourself for the worst. And more importantly, we learned long ago but often forget, the only person you can control is yourself.


How Co-washing Helped Me

Co-washing (conditioner washing) is a controversial issue in the hair community. Some believe that it doesn’t clean the hair. While others, myself included, know whats its done for our hair. I cant speak for those who use a lot of product in there hair but when your a simplist (bare minimal) and you don’t use much product then co-washing works fine. There is a small amount of cleansing agent in conditioner, enough to cleans the scalp without robbing it of its natural oils. When I did my BC and many months thereafter, approximately six, I co-washed my hair every morning before going to work. My hair felt great, it was soft, moisturized, and very easy to manage. I didn’t get many single strand nots either. The only reason I stopped was because the cold winter set up shop in Maryland and I don’t handle the cold well. It was not because I thought I would catch a cold as I know we catch colds from bacteria not weather. I just didn’t want to be cold 🙂 When I attempted to start again this year when the weather changed I noticed that I had too much hair and I had more water dripping so then it became a matter of inconvenience 😦

Of course if you live in an area where the water is hard, you should use bottled water.

I would certainly advise all new natural to do this, I believe it is a great start which promotes healthy hair by getting natural moisture in the hair early on.

Inner Peace

We have to have inner peace before we can truly be happy. There is but one person – aside from God – who can create this inner peace: YOU. Often we fail to do this because we have not been equipped with the tools to do it. Much like a plumber needs a K-50 to assist him in his work, we need skills to help us balance our lives.

All Bonnets Are NOT Created Equal

One of the best things we can do for our hair is to protect it from harm. We need to protect it from extreme temperatures, cold or heat. We have to protect it from breakage. We have to protect it from other things such as our bed sheets. We get this protection by covering our head with scarves, bonnets, and other head wraps. I chose to utilize the bonnet…cause they fancy and scarves tend to leave me in the middle of the night. The first bonnet I allowed to touch my precious strands was purchased from Sally’s and it did my hair no justice. For a while tho I thought it was, cause all i wanted to do was not put my hair on my cotton bed sheets. Then one day I wanted to get another cap from Sally’s and purusing the isles I picked up a cut pink one, similar to the other one, and discovered that it wassssss COTTON! Oh granted there was some other fabric in there also but it was majority cotton! How this angered me but at no one but myself. I should have researched more before purchasing any old bonnet. So then I left the store went home got on my laptop and starting looking for the best quality bonnet. One that would not be drying to my hair, one that did not share the same fabrics as my bed sheets, one that would be silky in texture and one that would not snag!!! I evaluated my cotton bonnet when I got home also and low and behold there were snags on it. So if there are snags on it, that causes friction which in turn does what??? Right!!! Snags my strands and BREAKS my hair 😦 😦 I knew I had to do something immediately so I went to the thrift store and purchased a satin scarf and used that until I found a trust worthy bonnet. I still had to wear the bonnet cause without it the scarf wouldn’t be on my head in the morning. I was okay with this because the cotton bonnet would not be touching my hair.

Meanwhile, back to my internet search, I stumbled upon a lady who hand makes bonnets with Charmeuse Satin. This is a great quality fabric which is not drying to the hair and it will not snag. The bonnet is very large and has a drawstring which I like cause I can adjust the tightness. Her prices are also very economical due to the way she makes them; they are not double lined. This was fine for me and once I received it I fell in love. I inspected it a couple of times and it is still in pristine condition, and I wash it weekly. For my daughter I purchased her a cut little bonnet from another website. My daughter does not like to wear it because its too tight around her head but its adorable and it’s made of satin so I know once my daughter decides to wear it her hair will be protected as well.

Images of both and their websites are below.

When it comes to caring for your hair be sure to use quality products in all facets of your regimen. No two bonnets are alike. And all bonnets are not created equal 🙂

20130811-130308.jpg Naturalsis72


To Succeed or Not To

For some people failure is really not an option. Did you know that Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. What if he had given up? So when you think about quitting remember that what one person believes about you (or more than one) is not your destiny. Life is truly what you make it.