The Goods on Natural Ingredients (A work in Progress)


Jojoba Oil

Background – extract from the jojoba tree seed; most similar compound to sebum, which is human skin oil; it is noncomedogenic which means that it does not block your pores

Benefits – moisturizes, promotes shine, prevents dandruff

Shea Butter

Background – made from the nut of the African Shea tree; it is noncomedogenic

Benefits – moisturizes, helps dry scalp, restores luster, softens hair and it seals in moisture. Also protects against heat.


Background – a humectant, which means it attracts moister; natural by-product of soap

Benefits – moisturizes, repairs dry hair

Coconut Oil

Background – from the coconut

Benefits – moisturizes, anti-dandruff


Background – from the honeycomb; processes nectar by bees

Benefits – adds shine to hair

Castile Soap

Background – Olive based soap from Castile, Spain

Benefits – cleanses, no detergents, all natural


Background – Avacado tree from subtropical or tropical climate area

Benefits – High in Vitamins B (promotes growth) and E (repairs damage to the scalp) thus prevents hair loss. It moisturizes and makes hair shiny

Background – curdled milk

Benefits – makes hair smooth and shiny. being a protein treatment it helps with cuticle damage and split ends.


Background – various fowls of the air

Benefits – makes hair smooth and shiny. A protein treatment that helps strengthen the hair. Also makes hair thicker and its a moisturizer. *should be rinsed using cold water so egg does not cook on hair


Background – Banana tree
Benefits – softens the hair and protects the hair’s natural elasticity which prevents split ends and breakage. It creates manageability, shine, growth and helps with dandruff.

Olive Oil

Background – Olives (green and black)
Benefits – strengthens and moisturizes hair


Braid Out Results

Okay so another successful Braid Out! Apparently braiding my hair at 6 pm will yield dry hair so I can have a cute do 🙂  Pics below BUUUUUT first! While I was perusing the internet for natural hair “things” I discovered 🙂 🙂 🙂  I was so excited to discover this site and that there is an event planned in the DMV!  There will be vendors, other natural gals (and guys), give away, and its a great way to learn more about your natural hair and its care.

I’ve decided that I am only going to use products with natural ingredients so my plan is to compile a list of things and what effect they have on the hair and how they can help our locs.

Braid Out II

Okay, so I’ve rocked the ponytail long enough…since Sunday = TOO MUCH!  So I co-washed as soon as I got in from work around 6 pm (left earlier than usual today…YAY ME!) 🙂 . Then I put leave in conditioner in and commenced to braid my hair.  I have 8 braids.  I think this should be enough time to dry completely by the time I get up for work at 7 am tomorrow.  Sooooooo right before I braided it I wanted to see how much I am going to have to chop off when I do my BC in June SO I CUT SOME OF MY HAIR down to the new growth.  That made me feel some kind of way… I really wanted to cut it BUT as soon as I saw how much I cut I was T.R.A.M.A.T.I.Z.E.D. 😦  I did not think I would be effected because its just hair, it grows back right (this is what I find myself saying to so many people who say, “OMG I couldn’t do that “or ” You gonna do what?”. Lesson learned from cutting my own hair:  I’m NOT going to do that again…just gonna wait til June for a professional to do it without me seeing, touching, or thinking about all my hair going down the drain .  I have some pictures below …the Braid Out and the  cut relaxed hair.  I will post pictures of the Braid Out tomorrow.

Epic Fail

So today I woke up with a disaster on my head. I didn’t take pics – thank goodness – cause y’all did not want to see that mess.  But I will tell what I did including the major problems that lead to my bad hair! I co-washed then put in leave in conditioners. My hair was very saturated ( problem)Then I braided my hair in six cornrows. This was around 9:pm. I woke at eight to get ready for church. It was then that I discovered my hair was still wet 😦 PROBLEM FOUND : Not enough time to dry. So my Do for the day was a snatch back.

I’m trying to hydrate my natural hair so when I BC I will be halfway there and my hair will be used to the conditioner.  It’s very Frustrating and at times I just want to BC now. I have a deal with my fiancé that I will wait so I’m trying to hold off :-/

Oh, yeah! I just purchased Curly Girl, The Handbook and the book is wonderful. I am so glad to have it as a guide to start my hair journey. I will certainly be utilizing the tools in the book to grow a healthy head of curly hair 🙂

LI think I’m going to rock this ponytail for a couple of days so see you in a day or two!


Cronicles of a natural hair journey

So for the past couple of months – since January – I have been getting a Dominican Blow out. Two weeks ago  I told one of my office assistants that I was natural. She burst into laughter insisting that I was not natural because I still had relaxer in my hair (my last relaxer was in December). So I posted the question on my Facebook page. Not surprisingly several friends commented in agreement with my assistant. This lead me on a quest to find out how I could have a healthy head of hair; the start of my natural hair journey.

So since then I’ve been researching youtube and several blogs to find out more from seasoned natural women.  So here I am! In the past I had always said I wanted locs but I could never cut all my hair off. I am still at that place now however, after struggling with my inner self over my choices, to BC or to transition, I have decided to transition until a few days before my wedding (June 16th) shameless post 🙂 I am going to BC when I get my wedding weave put in… Thought that would be a good time to start new hair since I would be starting a new life with my new husband!

I will post pics of my transition styles  as well as some product reviews. Won’t be much as i am a simplist: the least amount of product the better. Or at least I hope…only time will tell.

Relaxed Hair: