Essential Oils

Essential Oil are a major part of my hair care regimen. Their benefits out way not incorporating them in your journey. And most of them double up as some other life aid from skin ailments to sleep remedies….the benefits are endless. They are very strong and have to be used in small doses; however you have to go by the amount of the liquid you are adding it to. So if you have a small mixture you only want to put a few drops. If your mixture is large then you can add more. If your skin is very sensitive then use a small amount and adjust as necessary. I use most of these in my deep conditioner mix and if I have an itchy scalp I will message my scalp with one that is beneficial for dandruff and itchy scalp (most of them :))

Tea Tree Oil

This was the first one that I tried because I suffer from dry scalp and dandruff. It works wonders for itching and dry scalp. I found out that it also moisturizes my hair a great deal.


I originally purchased this for my daughter’s hair for its cleansing properties. I would put one drop in a small spray bottle and spray her hair once a week. I no longer do this with her hair because with kids less is best. It too is helpful with dandruff and itching as well as promoting hair growth.


Stimulates blood flow to the hair shaft which in turn helps with growth.


Helps with dandruff, flakes, and itchy scalp. It also stimulates hair follicles.


Stimulates hair growth

There are many more however these are the ones that I have tried thus far to target my problem area’s and to promote growth.


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