About NubnNatural

Nubnnatural, also known as, Tyronea “Ty” Williams is a Christian, wife to her best friend and mother of three beautiful blessings. She currently holds a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology. She will be finishing her MA in Professional Counseling Psychology, which will allow her to sit for the NCE so that she may obtain her LGPC, in August 2013. Once Ty obtains her license she intends to use it to help adolescent and young adults who suffer from mental disorders and eventually open her own practice. Ty has also wrestled with the thought of pursuing her doctorate but wants to dedicate some time to her family first. Ty believes that all obstacles can be overcome if you work at change.

That being said lets talk HAIR!

” I’ve been natural since May 5, 2012. My decision was made because I was tired of my head burning from relaxers and the cost involved in maintaining my hair. Some hair things that I believe are 1.) every one’s hair is different 2.) when you give reviews its based on your hair experience, someone else may get different results 3.) Dont listen to what others say all the time! Do what works for you! 4.) I dont care about hair type as far as defining my hair but as far as helping with manageability I’m with it 5.) Every woman is beautiful so embrace your differences and thank God for making you the person you are! 6.) Be Respectful.” – Ty Williams

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