Fitness Plan


– Increase energy

– Decrease body fat, target areas: tummy and arms

– Walk for 45 minutes without collapsing …seriously

Current Schedule

8/13 So I am down to 4 days until I begin my work out with Hubby and my oldest girl.  I’m getting excited cause I feel that with this new fitness routine along with come more energy…which I need desperately.   I am going to start of by doing the Black Girl Do Workout Challenge along with Walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes on Friday and some evening strolls with Hubby throughout the week.   After this Challenge I think I am going to do the following to keep up with a total body regimen.     I’m only doing Monday’s and Wednesday for now because I have a busy schedule (2 yr old daughter and studying for NCE). Have to find time for everyone/everything in my life = balance.  I’ll modify/ increase as I see fit.

Monday & Wednesday:

Run/ walk 1 mile

25 situps

25 pushups

25 burpees

25 squats

20 lunges (10/leg)

2 min plank

2x 60 second wall sits

8/3 I cant remember the last time that I was fit and healthy. Prior to my 30’s I was always small but still cant claim healthy because I would easily get out of breath and I was a smoker. So being think doesn’t automatically make you healthy. I haven’t been fit since I cheered in HS…may have been the last time I was healthy also. It saddens me to reflect like this but the truth is what makes us change. So, starting August 16th, 2013 my husband, my daughter and I will be starting a fitness challenge and this will be the start of our new lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle that incorporate exercise and diet. It will be a gradual process but it will be done. We hope to encourage someone one along the way and if we do let me know so we can grow together 🙂


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