Trimming – If It Ain’t Broke…

As with everything in your natural journey you have to figure out what works for you. Not to be excluded from that is trimming your tresses. I’ had my first MINOR trimming since being natural when I flat ironed my hair the second time in january (first time was in December). I wasn’t going to do it at all until I noticed my hair looking crazy while it was flat ironed. I mean my ends looked like Edward scissor hands on drugs had given me a hair cut. Okay maybe not that bad but you get the idea. So I simply took a little not even a half an inch and trimmed my ends. I did not layer cut it…I ONLY trimmed the absolute ends of my hair.

I would never have trimmed my ends because my hair is fine without chopping my hair off. I dont experince breakage or none growth because of not trrimming. My hair is very easy to grown even under what some would call bad conditions. And since I am a length girl you know I don’t want to do anything to make my hair shorter…lol. when I wasn’t natural I would trim my hair maybe once every 5 years against me stylist wishes who wanted to trim it at the first sign of a single split end. My having split ends never damaged my hair nor did it hinder growth. Now that I’m natural same is true…not trimming my ends has not hurt my hair health or overall growth. So my motto is if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Now will this approach work for you or someone else? I don’t know and neither will you unless thru trial and error you develop a relationship with you hair and figure things out. I’m not just going to trim my hair on a routine just because…there has to be a reason for me to do this. My reason this time was because my hair was visibly uneven. I’m not sure when I will trim it again.

My advice, as always, is to do what works for you. If you hair is breaking and not retaining length and you’re doing everything else to prevent breakage then by all means trimming make sense. Make this hair journey YOUR  hair
journey! What works for the masses may not work for you. What works for me may not work for you. But experimenting will tell you what your hair requires to be your idea of healthy.


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