Mane Color


I’ve had blue hair, red hair, and blond hair but all before I was 25 years old. After that I’ve worked jobs that were not to fond of bold hair color. I guess I am having a midlife crisis cause I WANT COLOR in my mane! I certainly will not do blue…lacks a bit of professionalism. I feel that red and blond are out of my age range. So I’ve been tossing up copper chestnut (the color above). And only half of my head in this color and the other half black (crown/bottom). I don’t know which color to put on top though…lol. So we will see. I guess I will be doing it within the next couple of months tho…cause normally when I have an idea it takes a long time for me to settle on a decision. I go back and forth weighing the pros vs the cons, doing research, etc….lol. Guess that’s how I earned the name AnalyzeThis 🙂 (Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.)

I’ve tried Henna, it was a fail for me. It was too messy and it didn’t adhere to my grey AT ALL!  Even though I now believe I must have did something wrong as far as the mixture cause its worked for others.  But the mess will keep me away from using it again. So, I learned from that there is another natural choice out there, called Naturtint. There website said to go from dark to light it will take several applications also, so we are looking at some time until I get the desired results. Will review it whenever I try it.


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