My catchy title is abbreviated for baking soda, henna, and castile soap. No relation. So I will not be using baking soda to open my cuticles because , through research, I found that it can be damaging to hair. And I just don’t want to add a typing unnecessary yo my reforming to be totally honest. So I will rely on heat and an old friend of mine – castile soap- to open my cuticles to allow moisture and other good nutrients in 🙂 I,ve had an on-off relationship with castile soap but I think I am sticking with my initial good vib about this product. It turns out that the reason. Y hair was so well moisturized earlier in my BC days was because the castile soap was opening my cuticles and allowing the moisture in. So I’m going back to those days especially since I have been experiencing dry scalp recently. So my regimen will change by adding this step back into my wash days. I will wash my hair weekly with the castile oil mixture that I made.

So, henna huuuummmmmm where to start….well imma make it short. I tried henna before. It was very hard and messy to apply. Then the end result did not work. Well turns out that I used the wrong type of henna, I should have used body art quality henna instead of the $4.00 jar I purchased. So this time I was in. Y favorite neighborhood natural store and saw another jaw of henna priced at $6.00 🙂 so hopefully thesis a better grade. Hahahahaha!!! Yeah right! But I a sitting here with it in my hair now so we will see shortly. I followed the direction and used a cup of boiling water and because I have a few (wink wink) gray hairs I added two tablespoons of ACV which is supposed to help it attach to the grays. The consistent at that point was terrible and was not sticking to my hair. I remembered watching a video on YouTube about adding oil to it to change the consistency to allow it to adhere better to your strands so i added a good amount of castor oil. OMGosh it worked out so
much better.

So while the consistency was better and I could smooth it onto my strands the henna did not take to my hair. It did take to my hands though. Yeah I forgot gloves ..hahaha jokes on me 😦 my next attempt will be with online brought henna!!! Going to order right now…stay tuned for review.


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