Dual Counterpart Support

Lil tykes building blocks
We learn a lot
Why my hair is long and yours is not
Learning even more
You’re the class clown
While I’m the teachers pet
Still more interest
As young as we are
We learn from one another
Not crashing at all
Never to fall
Keepin me on my toes
Standing tall and strong

We embrace upon soul searching
Memories of 1st grade
You ate the paste
I smeared mine on my face
We were cheerleaders together
I cheered for the ball team
While you cheered for me
You wrote me poetry
Saying that you wanted to go wit me
But were growing together cause
We learn from one another
Not crashing at all
Never to fall
Keepin you on your toes
Standing tall and strong

Making me blush in your comments
I show my friends this weeks news print
You’re the talk of the town in Cookies World
He’s never messin around
As you ran for class president
You had all my time spent
Study time was a chore
As we engaged in so much more
Now you’re my soul mate
To think this all came from one date as
We learn from one another
Not crashing at all
Never to fall
Keepin each other on our toes
Standing tall and strong


My Testimony

Hallelujah!!! As I am sitting her printing out my internship log for my supervisors signature I am sooooo happy!  I started the journey toward my Masters in Counseling Psychology in 2009.  Had to take a break for a year because I had a rocky pregnancy.  And now here it is 2013 and I’m done.  There were days when I felt like giving up.  Days when I felt like taking a break.  Day’s when I though this wasn’t for me.  Day’s when I thought I should be home with my own child instead of helping someone else’s. And my support system (my husband and my aunt) kept motivating me to not give up.  My aunt said, “You will be done soon and your good at this, I know this is what Father God wants you to do”. She has been so inspirational to me because she reminds me that no matter what life has in store for you, you have to keep fighting the good fight; never quitting.  I thank God for giving me the strength, determination, and courage to keep fighting for this. And while this road has come to an end, the next road starts soon. My newest goal which is another part of my counseling goal is to pass the NCE and MD Law Exam in January 2014.  So my road, which I am calling Study Hall Road, begins the end of this month. I will spend an hour a day Monday – Friday and 2 hours Saturday and Sunday studying for this test.  With determination, perseverance, and primarily God all of your dreams and goals are attainable. Trust me…this is MY TESTIMONY!