Bantu Knot Out

So last night after blogging I felt energized to do MORE 🙂 I decided to bantu knot my hair.  I had washed my hair yesterday morning so my hair was already clean and product free..just a lil conditioner and oil were added in the morning.  So when I got home, I parted my hair down the middle and section off the right side.  Then I worked from the back up adding midsize bantu knots and repeated the process on the right side.  I used The Mane Choice butter to twist my hair.  I really like this cause it moisturizes my hair, gives it a shine, and helps keep it tangle free.

Installation of Bantu Knots

Installation of Bantu Knots

Installation/ side

Installation/ side

The next morning, I used Jojoba oil to take down the knots.  I was a lil disappointed but I think it’s primarily because I wanted to wear it down but did not like how it curled.  I instead decided to go to my comfort style. 🙂

The results

The results

Bantu Knot out/ Side view

Bantu Knot out/ Side view

My puff 🙂 What can I say…I love it!  When all else fails it saves the day.  I like that the knots gave me some added length and a bit of a curl….so overall I guess I am pleased.  See that growth in a little over 14 months natural.


Curls Unleashed Curl Boosting Jelly

So in allegiance to my regimen, I shampooed with Castile soap mixture and deep conditioned on Friday. Hair felt great the next morning. Because I can’t afford to go to work looking a mess Monday thru Friday I dedicated Saturdays as my new product test day. The chosen product was Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. It did nothing for me at all 😦 but because I like to give everyone a fair shot I will attribute this to trial and error and give it another try later in my journey.

Since that was a fail I washed it out of my hair and tried the next contender, Curls Unleashed Set It Off Curl Boosting Jelly. This is thee bomb!!! I like it better than the Kinky-Curly Curling Custard because that left my hair crunchy once dried, the Curls Unleashed did not! 🙂 🙂

My Review of Curls Unleashed:
Scent: This product smells fruity. I like it.
Texture: Good name for this product as it is very jelly like without being too sticky.
Ingredients: first product is our friend WATER, glycerin, aloe leaf juice, and wheat protein, these were those in the top seven.
Application: easy to apply and directions on the jar.
Results: I am in love with this product. It left my hair defined and not crunchy with a great shine.
Overall: I’m a fan! Hell maybe even a groupy lol


Below is a pic of the Shea Moisture but I am not doing a review at this time as I want to give it another try later.



Yes, I did it! 🙂 I was at work yesterday upset at my ponytail and hate’n on my office assistants Puff… Lol. I just could not stand to be with my raggedy ends any longer so in a rath of readiness I texted my fiancé and asked if he was okay with me doing my big chop NOW. To my surprise he said, “whatever makes you happy almond”. Oh almond is what he started calling me when I told him I was going natural cause he said thats what my head is shaped like. 🙂 so I quickly started looking for natural salons in the DMV area, found several and chose one after asking some basic questions. I set up my appointment and arrived at 3:30.

She first cut the majority of my hair off I was trembling as I saw my hair fall to the ground. Then she washed my hair and gave me a deep conditioning treatment and I sat under the dryer. After my time under the dryer she rinsed me and then commenced to cut all my hair off, leaving me with my twa . At that time I was good. By the time I got in the car with my support team, both my office assistants :), it had kicked in that I had no damn hair and I did not like what I was seeing. So after about thirty minutes of my supporteam encouraging me I finally fell in love with my hair on my head.:)





Braid Out II

Okay, so I’ve rocked the ponytail long enough…since Sunday = TOO MUCH!  So I co-washed as soon as I got in from work around 6 pm (left earlier than usual today…YAY ME!) 🙂 . Then I put leave in conditioner in and commenced to braid my hair.  I have 8 braids.  I think this should be enough time to dry completely by the time I get up for work at 7 am tomorrow.  Sooooooo right before I braided it I wanted to see how much I am going to have to chop off when I do my BC in June SO I CUT SOME OF MY HAIR down to the new growth.  That made me feel some kind of way… I really wanted to cut it BUT as soon as I saw how much I cut I was T.R.A.M.A.T.I.Z.E.D. 😦  I did not think I would be effected because its just hair, it grows back right (this is what I find myself saying to so many people who say, “OMG I couldn’t do that “or ” You gonna do what?”. Lesson learned from cutting my own hair:  I’m NOT going to do that again…just gonna wait til June for a professional to do it without me seeing, touching, or thinking about all my hair going down the drain .  I have some pictures below …the Braid Out and the  cut relaxed hair.  I will post pictures of the Braid Out tomorrow.