Dry Skin Cronicals – Saying Goodbye To Sheabutter

Getting into makeup has now  opening my eyes to the wonderful world of skin care.  Prior to wearing makeup I would just moisturize my skin with lotion, not even a facial moisturizer.  I would have to pile it on because my skin is severely dry and half way through the day in the winter it would start to flake and I would have dry patches scattered throughout my face…TACKY!

What I noticed started to happen after I put foundation on ,my cheeks still get dry and begins to flake under the makeup and it can be SEEN!  I was using a primer and a facial moisturizer (I will talk about what I’m using in a later post) and still my face was dry. What I’ve started to do now is moisturizer my face at night with Shea butter.  And this is helping a lot BUT I am starting to develop  white heads!!! I’VE NEVER HAD A PIMPLE PROBLEM UNTIL NOW!

Through researching I discovered the problem may have been the Shea butter because it is so rich in providing oil into the skin I had an oil overdose (so to speak) and with the production of the access oil it got trapped in my pores thus forming this white head.  This is all my SPECULATION based off a few articles I read…none of them said that exactly.

I’ve since stopped using the Shea butter and have noticed that I do not have a single bump, pimple, Whitehead NADA on my face. Which is what I am used to and I like it!  I am now us Vaseline Intensive Care on my face at night and I am getting good results just as I did with the Shea butter.  I had one bad day  where my dry patches started to show and that was because I applied my BB cream at 6:30 am and did not get home until 6 pm and I was sweating A LOT.

Goodbye Shea butter on my face, however you will always be my true love when it comes to my natural hair 🙂