Eyes. Lips. Face Haul


Living most of my life oblivious to makeup, besides lipstick and eyeliner, I am just discovering E.L.F. I love how inexpensive they are and the array of different products they offer.

I decided to get several things that I wanted to try and with prices like they have I was able to try a lot and not feel it in my pockets. Winning!!!

The items I purchased and small reviews:

* High Definition powder : I love this translucent powder, it has replaced my MAC powder which I now only use on my lips (my bottom lip is slightly lighter than my top lip and I like my lipstick to be the same color..lol) and when I need to touch up my face throughout the day.
* Tone Correcting Concealer  in honey: totally not my shade it is too light, so I have not used it yet.
* 3 Foundation Sticks in Coffee (my shade), Almond, and Tan: THIS IS THE BOMB!!! It goes on smoothly with my fingers or a brush.  I don’t even know I have it on as its very light. It last me all day and it does not settle into any creases.  To me its a good doop for the NARS All Day luminous foundation WHICH I LOVE!
* 2 HD blushes in showstopper and encore: These are highly pigmented so a drop of the product goes a long way. They actually changed my thoughts about blushes from im not into them to YASSSS blush YASSS!
* Pressed Mineral Blush in wanderlust: I haven’t tried this yet
* 3 Eyeshadow Primers in pearl and sheer: They booth work fine in making the shadow stay in place as well as making the colors more vivid.
* Clear nail polish
Sponge wedges
* Fan brush
*All Over Color Stick in pink lemonade..I have not used this yet but the site says you can use them as blush, lipstick, and/or browbone


Review: Tarte Clean Slate Primer

YASSSSSS!!!  I can almost feel this filling in any imperfections in my dry flakey skin! When I put this on it is very silky which says “cones” which is certainly a good thing to have in a primer!   It does help my makeup stay on longer but I does not stop the makeup from settling into creased areas weather depending because sometimes I am flawless at the end of the day and on hotter days not so much.   I will have to pay better attention tho to see if it reacts this way with a certain foundation or if its just the weather.   We shall see.  A little of this product does go a long way but because I am very self conscious about my dry skin, I tend to be a bit heavy-handed. But as far as filling in the tiny pores and dry patches it WORKS!  The only problem is that the sales associate who gave me the sample forgot to label the bag with which product it was and they have three clean slate primers: Poreless, Flawless, and Creaseless.  I’ll get samples of each to see which is best for me then I’ll purchase this for sure!

Review: Makeup Forever Step 1 Hydrating Primer

I got a sample of this from Sephora because of the work “hydrating”.  I have severely dry skin with several dry patches on my face.  Its gotten worse as I’ve aged. So I look for all my products to contain some type of hydrating ingredient.  This was not helpful to me at all.  I seemed as though I had nothing on my face to act as a barrier between my skin and the makeup.  I also want a primer to assist in protecting my skin from allowing it to seep within my pores.  I also could see my dry patches surface as the day went on. I also dont feel that it helped with keeping my makeup in place throughout the day.

So I will not be purchasing this.  Again, thank you Sephora for allowing me to get samples before I make a purchase 🙂