One Love

Your smile will continue to shine bright
Little sister you brought me joy
I hold you close to my heart
Taken away so soon
It’s hard to say it…
But I will try…


This is a Nonet poem, dedicated to my sister who died at 21st years old in a house fire along with her husband in 2005


Raging Heart

These movements of a red ocean
Sending my heart through the motions
Tempting me like the wild blue fire
Raging my heart’s most pure desire

Catastrophic events blind souls
While tremendous losses unfold
Racing towards the cutting wire
Raging my heart’s most pure desire

Surfacing are my dying truths
Attempting to misguide my youth
Not knowing passion is higher
Raging my heart’s most pure desire

These movements of a red ocean
Raging my heart’s most pure desire


This type of poem is called a Kyrielle Sonnet

Who Am I

So they call me sister
Um hum, they think they know my name
I think I got him now check the game

What’s up baby?
How you doing?
What’s your name?
They call me Exotica
cause I roll with a lot of `em
What you know `bout that?
Oh no I don’t need no ride
What about you, hop in mine
I’m so fine
baby no he rolling with a dime

You don’t have to call me later lets do this now
No sense procrastinating I know how you get down
You want my body over my mind
We don’t need to talk intellectually
Everything we do is sexually
Oh sure you can call me tomorrow
And we’ll do it all over
This time I might invite a friend
A ménage à trois, not just me and you no mo’
You think I’m great
This friend will never let you escape
She’ll be on your mind all the time
She will make you scream
Having pleasure like in a 14 year old boys dream

We’ll even go to the club with ya
Help you size up your next victim
They’ll never know we’re together
Our disguises are very clever
We go incognito every time we roll
We’ll be a part of you forever
`til death do us part
We can travel the world together
Leaving our mark
Making people blind with out inseparable love
Making couples break up
Because they hate
that we gave them a taste of our
night long lasting burning passion

Some people’s skin will itch
Others will get a tingle
When we welcome them to our circle of forever
Now that we are all acquainted and I’ve found a new home,
You don’t have to call me Exotica
Now that I gotcha
More appropriately
Let me share with you my other names
What others have called me in my previous games
Herpes Simplex 2
And don’t forget to tell your friends about me
They can get me too I’m very contagious
And I don’t discriminate
I take `em 16
Even not yet born
I run like a river through your blood stream
I make you ache wishing you’d never crossed my path

I sometimes laugh
At people who think they can escape
Because they really don’t want to
If they did they’d pay better attention
and break the chain by communicating with others
How they have suffered
From my wrath

I am STD the sexually transmitted disease