Water Temperature Matters

When we wash and condition our hair the tempeature of the water makes a difference in our end result. Without doing research most of us will wash with warm water because its more soothing and doesn’t come with a shock factor like washing with cold water. Research may reveal that cold water is best for you. It is for me because of my hairs porosity level. But before we get into that lets talk about the differences between the two temperatures. Our soothing and relaxing friend warm water swells the hair causing it to open thus allowing moisture in as well as causing frizz. Our chill friend, cold water, makes the hair shaft lay flat closing the cuticle which causes a smoother turnout…no frizz. Of course none of us want frizz, it just doesn’t look appealing.

This is where porosity comes into play. Low porosity hair can make good use of warm water to aid in opening the cuticle to allow the moisture in. High porosity hair will benefit best from cold water to help lay there cuticles down after moisturizing to seal it in. Early on in my natural journey and after I found out about porosity, as part of my regimen I would first wash with warm water to open my cuticles then I would DC and wash that out with Cold water. And I would do my daily co-washes with warm water also. Now I do everything in warm water because after I DC I moisturize my hair, so I want that to get in also. So I have decided to work around the frizz that my warm water regimen produces…Its honestly not that bad once I style it.