Length Check

I think I’m doing something right on this natural journey of mine!  Not going to do a whole lot of talking (okay maybe a bit…lol) because this is just to capture where I am lengthwise: BSL  baby!!! Aiming for mid back length by the end of the year then tail bone length.

If there is anyone reading this who feels some kind of way about those of us naturals who want long hair remember it’s a personal journey and as sisters while we may not agree with our sisters choices we should respect them. Cause at the end of the day what makes you happy make not make me happy and vise versa. What makes this natural girl happy is healthy LONG hair. If I decide to cute it off next week that too will be my decision and thus making ME happy. I respect your decision to be whatever kind of natural that makes you happy …I only want that same respect in return.

Okay okay enough so here are a couple of pics of my bra strap length hair. And yes it’s bra strap from the nape and not the top  but it’s just the way all people measure hair.  I noticed someone commented on someone hair not being  BSL because if this person measured from the hairline it would not be BSL.  ***side eye***

Back of my hair presently.


The picture on the left is the lenghth of my hair for the majority of my adult life prior to going natural. It would get a little longer than this but only by an inch or so. The picture on the right is me now (couple days ago at work) 2.5 years after my big chop. Comparing the two: 30+years of growth vs 2.5 years. Wow!


This is a comparison on my naturally kinky hair (in a flat twist out) vs my natural straight hair. Shrinkage is too real lol. I just love the versatility of natural hair. I love both looks but I do know if I want to continue to grow healthy I have to be cautious of my heat usage.


Beyonce’s Cut Tho


I am sooooo extremely proud of Beyoncé for doing a BC, would have been happier had it been so she could go natural *side eye*. But this drastic cut she did will be a major break through for women (I know it sounds intense…lol). Regardless of the fact that her previous long flowing hair was real or not. The fact is that so many people still believe that a woman’s beauty is in the length of her hair. WRONG!!! Beauty lies within BUT if we want to be superficial it lies within the face! If you are pretty with hair you gonna be pretty without hair! Granted some people may be complimented better by how there hair frames there face based on shape and bone structure but it is what it is…if you’re pretty you are…simple. I think having such an influential woman such as Beyoncé cut/remove her locks makes everyone take a second look at long hair vs short hair. Cause that woman is gorgeous with her short hair. I think its a great image for our young sisters to see and especially young children who may have shorter hair.  Some little girl with short hair, natural or relaxed, will see her next performance and think, “her hair is just like mine…and she is pretty…so AM I”.

Guess I don’t need to say that I a in love with it!  I think she looks beautiful.