August Initiatives

August is going to be a busy month for me as I have so much going on. But you know the saying: God doesnt give you anything you cant handle! My month at a glance consist of:
– 8/15 Finish my internship (THANK YOU GOD). While I’m going to miss my clients I am going to love the extra rest and time I get to spend with my family. Had to put this FIRST…forget the date!!!! lol
– Participating in two challenges (details below):
– 8/5 Oprah’s meditation challenge
– 8/16 Black Girl Do Work Out 24 Day Work Out Challenge (this is the day i’m starting…I think the original is already in progress)
– 8/19 Start PreK prep curriculum with my 2 year old.
– 8/26 Start Studying for my NCE test (anybody want to start a study group let me know…seriously).

Oprah’s Meditation Challenge

My husband emailed at work the other day asking me to participate in a meditation challenge with him. Its something, as an intern, I taught my clients. Meditation allows you to free yourself from mental and physical ailments if you have the ability to let go. Those who are unsuccessful at meditation have not learned to be free of the outside world and to connect with their inner beings.

This challenge is aimed at incorporating better relationships into our lives so it is one that hubby and I will take together and of course I’ll blog about some of my experiences while participating in the challenge. The challenge starts on Monday, August 5th πŸ™‚

Will you join us along with millions of others πŸ™‚ Click here to learn more

24 Day Workout Challenge

This time I texted hubby asking him would he do this workout with me πŸ™‚ Someone told me about a DVD called Black Girls Do Workout…I did not find that but I did find a community of women with this title on Facebook. You can learn more about this challenge hereΒ


New thang…Hair, husband, attitude…lol

Okay, so the title is a bit misleading. I do have new hair…cause it grew, YAY! I do have a new husband…cause I got married to my best friend on June 16th. I DO NOT have a new attitude…I’m always me no matter what changes I encounter πŸ™‚ I know the last post I said I was going to stop using castile soap, but I didn’t (my new regimen is below). I just decided to do a ACV rinse afterwards to stabilize my hairs PH after the Castile soap. There is a wealth of information on youtube that countless talented women have shared and I mostly take bits and pieces from each of them so that my journey is a success defined by me. I’m listing some of my favorite youtubers, my curent regimin, and of course posting pics πŸ™‚

My baby girl will be two years old soon so I am starting to get her routine in place. Nothing too serious or involving too much product. When I say product I mean mostly natural ingredients of home made product. Her small regimen follows mine.

More Favorite Youtubers

– Courtneynaturalhair

– Naptural85

My Current Regimen as of 8/3/2012


Co-wash using VO5 conditioner

Apply leave in conditioner: Herbal Essence Hello Hydration or Tresemme’ Naturals

Moisturize with spritz mix (2x/day morning and night):

– vegetable glycerin

– aloe vera juice

– water

– rosemary, lavender, and peppermint essential oils

Seal with coconut oil


Week 1 (Friday)

Wash with Castile soap

Balance PH level with Apple cider vinegar rinse

(Saturday) {modified starting 9/21 I will apply dc to dry hair so that more benefits are absorbed by my hair. When your hair is wet and you attempt to apply product, your hair will only absorb what it needs and the water may take most of the space leaving very little room for the other products.}

DC using honey and coconut oil, sit under steamer for 20 minutes

Weekly 2 (Friday)

Wash with Castile soap

Balance PH level with Apple cider vinegar rinse


Protein DC using Courtneynaturalhair’s recipe:

Aubrey GPC Conditioner (1 cup)
Castor oil (4 tablespoons)
Vegetable Glycerin (4 tablespoons)
Honey (2 tablespoons)
Jojoba Oil (4 tablespoons)
Essential Oils: peppermint, basil, and rosemary (4 drops)
Vitamins A, D, and E (4 dropper full)

Cover with plastic bag, sit under steamer for 20 minutes


Baby girl regimen

– Moisturizes with conditioner mixture of tresemme naturals and water
– seal with coconut oil

Week 1
– cowash with herbal essence hello hydration or Tresemme’ naturals

– Dc with mixture of herbal essence conditioner, coconut oil, and honey in cap for twenty minutes

– protective style using concoction created by courtneynaturalhair ( consist of Shea butter coconut oil, castor oil, and )

Week 2

– cowash
– protective style using concoction