L.O.C vs L.C.O Experiment

I think I should change my name to QueenResearch…lol Been doing more research on the L.O.C. method; Liquid Oil Cream. The name of the method implies the order in which the products are to be applied to the hair.  Back to my research, I even listened to the person who created it on YouTube (see video below) . Prior to listening to her I had made up my mind about using the modified version, L.C.O., but after listening to her I can understand better now why it was put together that way.  And I’m slightly convinced that both methods will work. Now I just gotta figure out which one works best for me 🙂

Lets break this method down and how my mind wraps around it and what originally made me want to do the modified L. C. O method. Applying the liquid first is a no brainer…if it ain’t perhaps you shouldn’t be natural!  Next, according to the original version of this moisturizing method, is Oil. My problem with this is that since being natural all we hear is how oil seals. So if the oil is sealing right after you moisturized how is anything else going to get in? If I apply my cream which also has moisturizing capabilities after I’ve sealed in the moisture (in essence also sealing out anything else) isn’t that just wasting  product seeing as tho its not going to get past that oil sealant?

On the other hand using the modified  L.C.O method after your liquid moisturizer you add your cream which is pretty much more moisture (water is in most creams and butters), so you get an additional layer of moisture and your first layer of sealant because butters of course have oil in them. Then lastly you add your oil to seal all that goodness in.  This is how I rationalize using the L.C.O. method. It was my intention to use this method first then later try the L.O.C. method. While the L.C.O. method is working just fine for me I’m still curious about the original method. So I will be doing an experiment on my own little head. One side L.C.O. and the other side L.O.C. I already know L.C.O. method can keep my hair moisturized for an entire week. Now I’m going to see if there is any difference what so ever in these two methods for my hair.

This past washday, Sunday,I did the L.O.C method on the right side of my hair and the L.C.O on the left side. As far as application everything was normal. As for moisture for the remainder of the week my hair on both sides seemed moisturized at least up until Thursday which was the o ly time besides today my hands were in my head. I checked today and my hair was better moisturized on the left side. So I’m going to stick with the L.C.O method. The moisture is still going strong on those strands. I strongly suggest anyone looking at a moisturizing technique try all methods available to see which works best for your hair. No two head are alike and what works for the masses may not work for you. Do you use a moisturizing method? Which method do you prefer?