Dry Skin Chronicals – Facial Mask


Dry, flakey, blotchy skin is what i’ve suffered most of my life, namely my face.  I’ve been trying different things to see what works for me and through research I found out my water intake could be an issue as well as possibly adding a mask to my skin care regimen. I must mention that since I’ve been using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-cream, my skin has not been nearly as thirsty. My face does feel moisturized and the flakiness is nearly gone but upon close up inspection I still see it lurking behind my makeup.   Below is the simple skin care regimen I’ve been following for about two months now.


– remove make up with coconut or EVOO and a warm rag

– wash face with black soap

– rinse with water, last rinse being with cool water

– blot face dry with clean towel

– apply Vaseline Intensive Care Pure Oats lotion


– wet face with warm water

– clean with Cetaphil Facial Cleanser

– rinse with warm water then cool water

– blot off access wetness

– wipe face with Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner

– moisturize with Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-cream

– apply primer and makeup.

I’ll be adding a mask to this as soon as I find the right one for me.  Researching has provided some good information that I am now reviewing so that I can choose wisely.  This research has revealed that several different types of mask exist for dry skin alone.  If anyone knows any good ones for dry skin please comment and I would greatly appreciate it. 🙂

Types of Mask that I will be trying to help provide some moisture to my face:

Calming  – helpful for dry skin

Resurfacing or Exfoiliating – good for white heads (which appear more often since I’ve been wearing makeup)

Hydrating – helpful for dry skin

Enzymes – good for flaking, clogged pores, and dull skin

Rose – helpful with dry skin and dull skin