Vitamin Views


While in school for my masters in psychology two of my professors (the only two with doctorate degrees) adamantly taught us about the importance of taking vitamins to maintain your physical and mental health.  I noted all of these things and slowly added certain ones to my diet then I fell off and stopped taking them.  This was well before my choice to go natural.  So fast forward a couple of years, now I’m natural and what is back in the spotlight? Why yes, vitamins.  There are naturals that swear by them. I go back and forth and more recently I’ve been leaning towards YES.  Sooo, what are your thoughts….participate in the poll below about your Vitamin Views.

I’ve never been one to take medication for aches and pains, I believe two things: 1. medicine only mask a bigger problem, we should find out what that is and cure it if possible and 2. God created a miraculous body and it has the ability to heal itself.  Now don’t take these two things too drastically! Of course there are medical/mental conditions that require medication and not taking it would be ridiculous!  So, me being this way for a long time I was hesitant about taking vitamins for my hair because if you eat right and take care of your body it should be fine.  BUT the true kicker was that there were too many vitamins to take.  Look, I already don’t want to take them then to add on more than one I will probably fall off like I did the first time.  So what’s been making me say YES more often??? Well, this: Manetabolism

This vitamin contains all the ingredients that will allow it to help hair, nails, and your immune system.  Its a multivitamin! 🙂 So instead of taking millions of pills you can reduce that by taking this supplement.   The founder CourtneyNaturalHair is hosting a hair challenge starting September 1st….I I’m boarding that train 🙂 ordered mine this week.  You can read more about her products and the challenge here: