Is Your Self Esteem In Check

Having high self esteem increases your confidence and your emotional resilience. So things such as rejection and failure will not have a negative impact. This doesn’t mean that you are emotionless and will not care if you fail but simply that in the event of failure you are able to bounce back and keep it moving. Individuals who suffer from depression or other mood disorders may not be able to respond to rejection and failure in this manner. For some it feels like the end. Make sure you are aware of your emotional state so that your mental health can remain balanced.


Inner Peace

We have to have inner peace before we can truly be happy. There is but one person – aside from God – who can create this inner peace: YOU. Often we fail to do this because we have not been equipped with the tools to do it. Much like a plumber needs a K-50 to assist him in his work, we need skills to help us balance our lives.