Makeup Review: M.A.C. Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation


This was my very first purchase and even though it was not my first choice (I went into M.A.C wanting to purchase  Studio Face & Body), I’ve grown to like it a lot.  It  does what it is supposed to do for me, I have worn it very lightly and I have put it on medium.  I’ve never done a cakey face cause I’m not really into the heavy heavy make up look.  I have not gotten into contouring as of yet so I keep it simple for the most part.  My color in this Mineralize Moisture spf15 foundation is NC50.  I have very dry skin except my nose and this foundation does not affect my skin as in making it dryer, so I really love that.  It feels very light weight, I do not know that I have it on which was one of the things I really needed to happen.  When I feel things on my face it is irritating so I’m really enjoying that.  It does tend to make me itch tho but it doesn’t irritate my skin after I remove it so I think this may be my own issues…lol. It doesn’t settle into my creases by the time i’m off work so that’s great also. It has no smell which is wonderful…I dont even know if that’s a thing with any foundation but whatever.

Below are some pics of me wearing the Mineralize Moisture


This was my work look.  I applied a very thin layer of foundation, eyeliner, and nude a lip.  Just wanted a polished look for work nothing too dramatic.


Here my coverage was a little heavier, I’d say medium. I have eyeliner both below and above my eye with a soft plum lip.  This was a weekend so I am more daring with my look when I’m not at work.  I was taking baby girl to the circus so I could play around some.


Here the same medium coverage as above but I added some shadow to my eyes.  I used my nude pallet by Maybelline