So You Want To Be Natural Pt. 1 – Time & Cost

You first thoughts about going natural can be pretty overwhelming. Let’s face it, it’s a totally new and unexperienced chapter in your life and you don’t know where to begin. On top of that there is a plethora of information regarding how to, what not to do, when, and with what to do to you hair. And we give thanks to all of it but fact is it’s still a lot of information to go through.

Here in this 6 part posting (each part will post every Monday, so stay tuned ūüôā ) i’m going to condense all that material into a basic starting point. It is not meant to stop anyone from researching on their own. There is great information to be received from YouTube, blogs, and books!

So you’ve decided to go natural for whatever reason. Thee absolute first thing you must understand is that it is not an easy way out nor is it a cheap way out. Some people think that being natural is for lazy people who don’t want to take care of their hair. Let me tell you how far from the truth that is! Being natural is time consuming as you are taking care of your hair constantly, from going to bed the proper way at night to maintaining the moisture of your hair daily or weekly, to styling it. Nothing is lazy about this way of life. Wash day, the day aside to do your weekly hair maintenance can take anywhere from 2 hours to an entire day. ¬†If its DC week for me and my daughter it is certainly an all day long process. ¬†On the other days it may take us about 4 hours. But it all depends on what you do that day. I’m sure there are naturals who can get it ¬†done in less.

As far as the cost, it varies..there are expensive, non expensive (cheap), and average (reasonable) priced products. Necessary items such as shampoo and conditioner can range anywhere in price from $5 – $20. Creams and hair butters can range in price from $12 – $30 (or even cheaper). ¬†There are a number of lines designed specifically for natural hair and their cost range in price. In the beginning you may find yourself experimenting with a couple of products to find out which ones your hair requires and responds the best to but after that you’ll be in a routine and your cost should go down. ¬† You will also need a few small tools which should not cost more than 5 bucks each.

Some of the things I use and their cost:

Naturalicious Moroccan Rhassoul Clay 5 – in – 1 $19.99

Miss Jessies Baby Butter Creme $32.00

Elasta QP Shampoo $3.99

Le Kair Cholesterol Treatment $4.99

Essential Oils  range in price $4.99-$23.99

Coconut Oil $6.99

Going Natural Rare Moisture Butter $10.00

Coming Up Next:  Pt. 2 To Big Chop or Not

Disclaimer: Everything listed here is basic and is meant to be a starting point. The links I’ve including will take you to some of the products I use for the various steps of maintaining my natural hair. I am no expert on hair care, I do not have my cosmetology license, nor am I a chemist, biologist, or scientist. I am a natural women who’s been researching natural hair care since 2012. I am however an expert in my own hair and that’s what being natural is all about…developing a relationship with the hairs on your own head. I share what has worked for me in hopes that it may work for you as well.¬†