Brave Twist Out

So, yesterday I was feeling some kind of way about wearing my puff again. I am really getting bored with it :(. My fear is that I will get so bored that I will straighten my hair. Nothing wrong with that at all, its just as far as my goals…it aint in the plans until I’m 2 yrs natural. Presently I’m 14 months in :). So my solution to this boredom was to do a twist out. Now I’ve tried it before and it was a fail….my hair was curly but no good definition and I couldn’t separate it correctly. Also, I’ve never been brave enough to wear my hair out like this…so kudos to me and reaching this level of being natural 🙂 🙂 Anywho…today is a different day and I love my results!!!

I have pics below, this was my process: Last night I started with dry hair. I sprayed each section with water and used a small amount of Miss Jessie’s Curly Butter Cream then I twisted. I rubbed jojoba oil on each twist afterwards including my scalp. Tied down with a satin scarf and put my bonnet over that. This morning I put jojoba oil on my hands and took out each twist then separated them until my desired fullness.

As far as the Miss Jessie’s Curly Butter Cream, I like it :). The smell was a little strange at first then I started to enjoy it. I’m weird like that…lol. It was very thick and creamy which I liked. Overall it worked giving my hair more definition than I’ve seen with my usual conditioner (hahaha) and its moisturized. Not sure how long it will last though so time will tell…I am so thus far a fan of this product. I had a sample size that was in a Curl kit I had, so may have to buy more of it…but we will see.

And here are the results:

Twist out prep

Twist out prep