Saying So Long To Dandruff

They say think positive and speak things into existence…well I’m going one step further, I’m claiming it! My scalp is getting worse  as far as the flaking and itching. I’ve done some research and came across some interesting solutions. Some hysterical and some that I’m just not willing to try. For instance using listerine. After reading several articles I belive it would be effective but what scares me away is the alcohol in it. I’m not going through that to make my healthy hair dry and thus susceptible to breakage! not gonna happen. So I’m going to revisit an old long time natural friend or two: tea tree essential oil and jojoba oil. These two bad boys are sure to do the trick.  I put them in my deep conditioner, shampoo, cowash, moisturizing spritz, and nightly oil mixture. Should see results in a couple of weeks or maybe a little longer cause its the winter months.

If this approach does not help after several weeks I will try one of the mixtures I discovered online:

1 tbls Blue Magic Grease
1tbla Grapeseed oil
4 drops Tea tree essential oil or peppermint essential oil

I am soooooo against grease and it’s contents but this dandruff has got to go!


To Much Hair not enough Scalp


My hair itself is not severely dry. It’s dry in the sense that if not properly cared for it can get dry but I don’t have to do extra things to keep it moisturized. Weekly, I do the normal hair care maintenance such as cowash, deep condition, moisturize, hot oil treatment, and seal. My dilemma is my scalp. And it ain’t nothing new. When I was relaxed I had a prescription from my dermatologist to help me combat my dry, itchy, flakey  scalp. Once I did my BC and started cowashing daily then weekly once winter hit, ureka my problem had been solved. Or so I thought! Once I loc’ed and was unable to wash my hair for three weeks at a time my problem resurfaced. 😦  now here I am days after taking my locs out and my scalp is still a problem. So much so that my intention of staying straight for as long as possible is over! My hair looks and feels great but my scalp is flaking and itching. I’m about to go on my research kick so I can find out how I can cure my scalp condition naturally. I don’t want to go back to the prescription for two reasons, one I’m on this natural kick and that formula was  NOT and two, I’m sure the grease  prescription will clog my pores and hinder growth. If you guys know of anything I’d be very appreciative if you shared. 🙂

Dandruff Made Me Do It

Thursday was the end of the line for my dandruff free scalp. It’s like clockwork; first my scalp starts itching – Wednesday then the flakes appear Thursday thus Friday I must wash and relieve my itchy flakey scalp (Oh my hair is still on point tho, very well moisturized). Good news in this: my scalp gets the attention it deserves 🙂 Bad news: my straight hair is OVER for this month 😦 …well idk yet I may flat iron it for x-mas.  I know I should have waited til then but I was just so excited to see what my hair was going to look like straight.

Anywho, here’s what I did:
– Put 4 sections in my head using butterfly clips ( totally new for me, prior to locking I never sectioned as I didn’t feel I had enough hair. Now I notice my hair tangles more assuming because there is more length)
Deep conditioned on dry hair with Le Kair Cholesterol Plus because I had just “damaged” my hair by using heat I wanted to treat it with protien to fill in the damaged areas. Used plastic  cap and thick hat over conditioned hair for 45 mins
– Shampooed  DC out using Elaata QP with warm water to open my cuticles for the DC
– Deep conditioned using my DC mix to moisturize my hair as protien can be very drying. Used plastic cap and thick hat over conditioned hair for 45 mins
– Rinsed with cool water to close cuticles back.
– Did LCO method, which is liquid, cream and oil, my products of choice for this method were: water, Miss Jessies Baby Butter Cream, and coconut oil respectively.
– Installed two strand twist in the back and flat twist in the front


The dandruff that started moving in on my otherwise healthy scalp


Applying the Le Kair Conditioner to my dry hair


Shower cap to contain heat


Thick hat to add heat to assist in opening hair cuticles


Finished results front view


Finished results somewhat rear

Dandruff… Oh no u will not

Okay so in anticipation of winter I have been thinking about changing my regimen due to the temperature. This has nothing to do with catching a cold. I do not believe that you catch a cold from going outside half naked or wet hair… Colds come due to bacteria. Okay that being said, let me tell you why I AM concerned about the extreme temperatures that we may face here in Maryland 🙂 I STAYYYYY cold!!! There is no way I am going to leave out of the house with a wet head which will lead to me being colder 😦

So I started playing with twist out to see how long I could go without washing restyling my tresses. This is what I did two weeks ago: Friday washed and did DC. Sunday twisted my hair with moisture mixture. Rocked twist out Monday thru Wednesday. Wednesday night my hair started itching bad! So Thursday morning I co-washed and again on Friday morning. So my test revealed that my hair needs moisture on the 3/4 day. So the next week (this week) I planned ahead to watch on Thursday. Like clockwork my hair started itching on Wednesday, again it was a bad itch. As I went to rub my scalp I noticed a patch of dandruff at the top of my head. 😦 😦

So I’m going to amend my regimen to start oiling my scalp with jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and vitamins during the days I don’t co-wash.