How Co-washing Helped Me

Co-washing (conditioner washing) is a controversial issue in the hair community. Some believe that it doesn’t clean the hair. While others, myself included, know whats its done for our hair. I cant speak for those who use a lot of product in there hair but when your a simplist (bare minimal) and you don’t use much product then co-washing works fine. There is a small amount of cleansing agent in conditioner, enough to cleans the scalp without robbing it of its natural oils. When I did my BC and many months thereafter, approximately six, I co-washed my hair every morning before going to work. My hair felt great, it was soft, moisturized, and very easy to manage. I didn’t get many single strand nots either. The only reason I stopped was because the cold winter set up shop in Maryland and I don’t handle the cold well. It was not because I thought I would catch a cold as I know we catch colds from bacteria not weather. I just didn’t want to be cold 🙂 When I attempted to start again this year when the weather changed I noticed that I had too much hair and I had more water dripping so then it became a matter of inconvenience 😦

Of course if you live in an area where the water is hard, you should use bottled water.

I would certainly advise all new natural to do this, I believe it is a great start which promotes healthy hair by getting natural moisture in the hair early on.