Styles for School Age Toddlers

I am in no way a professional styler nor do I actually LIKE braiding BUT its a great protective style for school aged kids.  Braid styles allow my daughter to go a week without my handling her hair again in the same week.  Because I am not a “braider” and lack the natural talent they have to come up with new styles, I try to do other things with her hair as well. So below are some of the styles my daughter has worn so far this school year, some of them more than once.image





Today I am Open to The Presence of Miracles

Last Monday I started the meditation challenge by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. The focus was miracles and their presence in our lives. For some a miracle has to be this big once in a lifetime event for me it’s all the blessings God has bestowed upon me because he didnt have to. My three healthy children, my happy marriage to my best friend, my job, and waking up this morning are some of the miracles in my life. Don’t take these things for granted cause when you look back at any given moment most of these events could have has a change for the worst but they didn’t by God’s miraculous hands

August Initiatives

August is going to be a busy month for me as I have so much going on. But you know the saying: God doesnt give you anything you cant handle! My month at a glance consist of:
– 8/15 Finish my internship (THANK YOU GOD). While I’m going to miss my clients I am going to love the extra rest and time I get to spend with my family. Had to put this FIRST…forget the date!!!! lol
– Participating in two challenges (details below):
– 8/5 Oprah’s meditation challenge
– 8/16 Black Girl Do Work Out 24 Day Work Out Challenge (this is the day i’m starting…I think the original is already in progress)
– 8/19 Start PreK prep curriculum with my 2 year old.
– 8/26 Start Studying for my NCE test (anybody want to start a study group let me know…seriously).

Oprah’s Meditation Challenge

My husband emailed at work the other day asking me to participate in a meditation challenge with him. Its something, as an intern, I taught my clients. Meditation allows you to free yourself from mental and physical ailments if you have the ability to let go. Those who are unsuccessful at meditation have not learned to be free of the outside world and to connect with their inner beings.

This challenge is aimed at incorporating better relationships into our lives so it is one that hubby and I will take together and of course I’ll blog about some of my experiences while participating in the challenge. The challenge starts on Monday, August 5th 🙂

Will you join us along with millions of others 🙂 Click here to learn more

24 Day Workout Challenge

This time I texted hubby asking him would he do this workout with me 🙂 Someone told me about a DVD called Black Girls Do Workout…I did not find that but I did find a community of women with this title on Facebook. You can learn more about this challenge here