Braid Out II

Okay, so I’ve rocked the ponytail long enough…since Sunday = TOO MUCH!  So I co-washed as soon as I got in from work around 6 pm (left earlier than usual today…YAY ME!) 🙂 . Then I put leave in conditioner in and commenced to braid my hair.  I have 8 braids.  I think this should be enough time to dry completely by the time I get up for work at 7 am tomorrow.  Sooooooo right before I braided it I wanted to see how much I am going to have to chop off when I do my BC in June SO I CUT SOME OF MY HAIR down to the new growth.  That made me feel some kind of way… I really wanted to cut it BUT as soon as I saw how much I cut I was T.R.A.M.A.T.I.Z.E.D. 😦  I did not think I would be effected because its just hair, it grows back right (this is what I find myself saying to so many people who say, “OMG I couldn’t do that “or ” You gonna do what?”. Lesson learned from cutting my own hair:  I’m NOT going to do that again…just gonna wait til June for a professional to do it without me seeing, touching, or thinking about all my hair going down the drain .  I have some pictures below …the Braid Out and the  cut relaxed hair.  I will post pictures of the Braid Out tomorrow.