Makeup Review: Black Radiance BB Cream


The lighter the makeup the happier I am unless it’s a special occasion then I can pile it on like the next person…lol. But in attempts to find something very light…sheer if you will…I did some research and discovered that BB creams are a way to go.  Not only are they good for light coverage but my research also uncovered the fact that they are good for people with dry skin. As a bonus, they are wonderful for the summer months when you don’t want you makeup sliding off your face. BOOM! I am in love with this concept.

For anyone new to makeup as I am, BB stands for beauty balm mainly but can also mean blemish balm or blemish base. It is lighter than foundation and heavier than a tinted moisturizer.  It also has some skin health benefits depending on the brand, such as anti-oxidants and/or SPF.

So my first experience with a BB Cream was with the company Black Radiance  in color Coffee Glaze which I discovered while browsing (loving this site right now). It is very creamy and extremely light weight.  It feels like I lotioned my face and now its just a part of me.   I’ve been wearing it since I purchased it about a week ago and I don’t want to stop…lol

This may very well be my last review because why keep going if I’ve found true love….NAH just kidding, im addicted to trying new things for now. lol

I highlighted my brow area with my mac concealer. Used Mascara and eye liner for my lower lid. And the lipstick is violet volt by Milani.

I’ve been looking into blotting sheets for my nose and this picture confirms the need lol.



First Ever Beauty Supply Haul


As the title suggest this is my first time EVER doing a beauty supply haul!  Being totally new to the makeup world I had to get everything, including the basics.  My first experience was with Ulta and I did not like it at all! Upon going on the store I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of products and I didnt understand the set up until my daughter pointed out that it was by brand.  The floor was dusty also, my daughter said it was because it was a makeup store and it could have fallen on the floor.  While thats true you still need to clean your floor often when in that type of business; would you get your hair done at a salon with hair all over the floor? Not I.  Anywho, then I didn’t like the fact that one of the associates who was doing someones hair, yelled throughout the entire store in a very unprofessional tone and verbage that she was not going to clean the spill that a small child accidentally  made.  Hoodrat shouldnt even have a job! Anywho, back to my haul… From there I got a sponge and some NYX Matte setting spray for myself and nail polish for my daughter. I dont think I will ever visit that Ulta again! Oh the sponge and the finisher are not pictured in the picture above because I had forgotten about them once I went to MAC the next day…lol.

Next day I finished my haul by going to MAC for a makeup application session and purchase the following:

1. Mineralize Moisture spf15 foundation in NC50

2. Select Moisture Cover concealer in NW40

3. Satin Verve AB4 lipstick

4. Veluxe Brow Liner in deep brunette

5. Mineralize Skinfinish finishing powder in dark

6. Prep and Prime Highlighter (for my daughter; I dont know what she will do with it so its far beyong me right now lol)

The makeup-artist took her time with me showing me how to apply each product, she put on one side of my face and I did the other.  I told her I wanted a natural look with light coverage, nothing heavy and I dont want a cakey face. She went to work.  I suggested their MAC Studio Face and Body foundation because through my own research I discovered it was lightweight coverage. So thats what she did my makeup with but when it came time to purchase it they ran out **side eye** So instead of waiting for it to be ordered my daughter  (of course I had to take my personal stylist with me :)) asked if they had anything else lightweight that could be substituted, hence how I purchased the Mineralize Moisture spf15 foundation.  The difference was that the Studio Face and Body is not buildable, its totally sheer no matter how much you put on its still going to be light sheer coverage.  On the other hand the Mineralize Moisture is buildable, so you can where it light or you can build it up to be heavy or even cakey if thats your thing.  I think that was a better choice for me because while I do want light every day coverage for work, what about when its time to turn up with my hubby on our cruise…lol.  Okay, back to my application session, everything was pretty easy with the exception of the eyebrows.  Lawdy, I dont think I will ever be able to do them…lol. I also struggled with eyeshadow but I feel with a few more attempts I should be fine.

My daughter and I then went on to Sephora. YASSSSS!!! I loved this store, there were no ghetto girls like at Ulta (or they knew how to turn it on and off…and aint nothing wrong with that cause I got nothing but ghetto in my roots but you’d never know unless you got me twisted) and the floor was dust (makeup) free. Cleanliness is next to Godliness (my great grandma’s favorite saying). At this point I was looking for minor things such as primer, lipstick, cleanser, and wipes.  I didnt strike it big here but I did get a couple of foundation and primer sample .  I love love love that this store does that! You can figure out your perfect match before buying!  The primer sample was Makeup Forever Step 1 Hydrating Primer which is supposed to help with dry skin.  I got two NARS foundation samples: New Orleans and Benares because the sales association that was helping us had on makeup that made her look flawless without any coverage, I was greatly impressed by her look and had to try this product. Samples are a great feature for us newbies or even more experienced ladies.  What I purchase from them is below:

1. Sehora Glossy gloss

2. Smashbox Photo Finish primer

3. NARS foundaton (for my daughter who had been dying to try it)

Because I didnt want to spend $14 for each brush at this point because I am new at this we decided to take our journey in the direction of Target!  So I got all of the brushes I need right now from there as well as a few other things:

1. Maybelline The Nudes eye shadow palett

2. Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eye liner in 950 blackest black

3. Maybelline Volume Express mascara in 203 very black

4. NYX Matte lipstick n MLS02 (its a bright rose)

5. Maybelline Glaze Blush Stick

6. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-cream moisturizer

7. Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner

8. Cetaphil Facial Cleanser

9. Simple cleaning wipes

10.  Elf brushes (eye shadow, stipple, angled, concealer, powder)

We ended the day by going to Bath & Body Works because I can never walk by there without getting something and because they had the buy 3 get to 2 free I cleaned up 🙂

1. Beautiful Day lotion x2 (one for my daughter)

2. Beautiful Day fragrance mist

3.  Sweet Pea lotion

4. Sweet Pea fragrance mist

Some pictures are below of my MAC makeup application and my own application 🙂


What I looked like when I left MAC. I liked everything except my brows lol


What I did myself the next day. Not bad for an ameuature


My daughter and I, no foundation only eyeliner and lipstick for me that day


Full foundation application (at work selfie)