Makeup Review: Black Radiance BB Cream


The lighter the makeup the happier I am unless it’s a special occasion then I can pile it on like the next person…lol. But in attempts to find something very light…sheer if you will…I did some research and discovered that BB creams are a way to go.  Not only are they good for light coverage but my research also uncovered the fact that they are good for people with dry skin. As a bonus, they are wonderful for the summer months when you don’t want you makeup sliding off your face. BOOM! I am in love with this concept.

For anyone new to makeup as I am, BB stands for beauty balm mainly but can also mean blemish balm or blemish base. It is lighter than foundation and heavier than a tinted moisturizer.  It also has some skin health benefits depending on the brand, such as anti-oxidants and/or SPF.

So my first experience with a BB Cream was with the company Black Radiance  in color Coffee Glaze which I discovered while browsing (loving this site right now). It is very creamy and extremely light weight.  It feels like I lotioned my face and now its just a part of me.   I’ve been wearing it since I purchased it about a week ago and I don’t want to stop…lol

This may very well be my last review because why keep going if I’ve found true love….NAH just kidding, im addicted to trying new things for now. lol

I highlighted my brow area with my mac concealer. Used Mascara and eye liner for my lower lid. And the lipstick is violet volt by Milani.

I’ve been looking into blotting sheets for my nose and this picture confirms the need lol.