Why do I look like a blowfish?!?!

Blowfish syndrom…lol thats what I’m labeling this condition that I have!  Please tell me I’m not the only one who goes through this 😦  So every so often (more often than I’d like) when I wake up in the morning my face is puffy, mainly my eyes. Sometimes the swelling will go down after I get out the shower, sometimes after a couple of hours, and sometimes even LONGER than that!  So your girl is fed up with this and about to fix this…or attempt to…hehehe.

Here are some of the things that I plan to try.  If you know of anything else that may help please leave a comment below.

Drink more water …So I already do this but I do skip some days of drinking as much water as I should.  I need to keep a journal to pinpoint when this happens and if my water intake could be the problem

– Dip face in ice filled bowl a couple of times, then rinse with cool water…not gonna be a fan of this but I think it MAY be worth it.

– Use a chilled water filled mask or gel pack for 10 minutes in the morning…thinking this is the way to go for me. I’m going to do this more often but until I buy one ill be doing the ice filled bowl above.


Review: Sephora Collection A45 Teint Infusion

Another sample.  I’ve had two issues with this product and both were bad enough for me to stay away. 1st thing is that it is not easy to spread and manipulate.  Its kind of stiff or hard to spread around your face.  I normally use a stipple brush and this is not stipple brush friendly. It took up a lot of my morning trying to apply this evenly and smoothly.  I dont have that much time!  2nd problem was that it broke me out! I woke up the next morning with 4 pimples on my face!!!  I am no wear near an adolescent thus its been a VERY long time since I’ve seen a breakout like this.  No skin is perfect, so i get an occasional bump brought on by something i’ve eaten but for the most part outside of my dry skin I typically do not get bumps, pimples, or other skin blemishes. I’m wearing makeup to be more beautiful not to add more flaws!

This goes on the He#! NO NEVER AGAIN list!

Review: Tarte Clean Slate Primer

YASSSSSS!!!  I can almost feel this filling in any imperfections in my dry flakey skin! When I put this on it is very silky which says “cones” which is certainly a good thing to have in a primer!   It does help my makeup stay on longer but I does not stop the makeup from settling into creased areas weather depending because sometimes I am flawless at the end of the day and on hotter days not so much.   I will have to pay better attention tho to see if it reacts this way with a certain foundation or if its just the weather.   We shall see.  A little of this product does go a long way but because I am very self conscious about my dry skin, I tend to be a bit heavy-handed. But as far as filling in the tiny pores and dry patches it WORKS!  The only problem is that the sales associate who gave me the sample forgot to label the bag with which product it was and they have three clean slate primers: Poreless, Flawless, and Creaseless.  I’ll get samples of each to see which is best for me then I’ll purchase this for sure!

Review: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation


OMG!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I got a sample from Sephora – I love them so much for doing this – of this product in two colors: Benares and New Orleans, which is the one I will speak on in this review.  This made me look AMAZING without even knowing it was there.  I received compliments from people asking how I took care of my skin NOT what makeup I was using…thats how natural it looks!!!  Again, no smell with this foundation either.  It is lighter to me than the MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation and gives a much more radiant look.  And it again, it looks very natural, the MAC Mineralize Moisture looks like you have makeup on even though it looks very nice you know its makeup.  This is my number one right now.  I haven’t purchased it yet because I’m still on my sample…lol but best believe I will be adding it to my collection (yes I plan on having several and I already have a list to try :)).

Because the New Orleans fit my complexion so well, I  didn’t try the Benares but I will just to see if it’s an even better fit…you never know until you try!

Review: Makeup Forever Step 1 Hydrating Primer

I got a sample of this from Sephora because of the work “hydrating”.  I have severely dry skin with several dry patches on my face.  Its gotten worse as I’ve aged. So I look for all my products to contain some type of hydrating ingredient.  This was not helpful to me at all.  I seemed as though I had nothing on my face to act as a barrier between my skin and the makeup.  I also want a primer to assist in protecting my skin from allowing it to seep within my pores.  I also could see my dry patches surface as the day went on. I also dont feel that it helped with keeping my makeup in place throughout the day.

So I will not be purchasing this.  Again, thank you Sephora for allowing me to get samples before I make a purchase 🙂