Review: Sephora Collection A45 Teint Infusion

Another sample.  I’ve had two issues with this product and both were bad enough for me to stay away. 1st thing is that it is not easy to spread and manipulate.  Its kind of stiff or hard to spread around your face.  I normally use a stipple brush and this is not stipple brush friendly. It took up a lot of my morning trying to apply this evenly and smoothly.  I dont have that much time!  2nd problem was that it broke me out! I woke up the next morning with 4 pimples on my face!!!  I am no wear near an adolescent thus its been a VERY long time since I’ve seen a breakout like this.  No skin is perfect, so i get an occasional bump brought on by something i’ve eaten but for the most part outside of my dry skin I typically do not get bumps, pimples, or other skin blemishes. I’m wearing makeup to be more beautiful not to add more flaws!

This goes on the He#! NO NEVER AGAIN list!


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