Chronicles of a Dry Itchy Scalp

Some times we have to journal about our issues, good and bad, in order to improve our current situations or to maintain a good state. You can look back on your journal to see what reaction your hair had. You can use it as a guide as to what not to do ever again. The list goes on of the phenomenal ways a journal can help us. And please understand this is not just for hair but for our daily lives as well. Below is a journal of when my scalp becomes dry so I can make it better by seeing what works best for me and when.

1/25 Sunday – wash day; shampoo, protein treatment and moisture DC
1/26 Monday – scalp fine
1/27 Tuesday  – scalp fine
1/28 Wednesday – itching in back
1/29 Thursday – itching all over and a little dry looking but no patches or flakes; oiled scalp
1/30 friday – scalp fine
1/31 Saturday – itching all over

2/1 Sunday –  wash day; cowash, no DC only L.C.O.
2/2 Monday – scalp is okay
2/3 Tuesday – slight itching and dry scalp visible, sprayed with moisturizing mix and sealed with jojoba oil
2/4 Wednesday – scalp fine
2/5 Thursday – scalp fine
2/6 Friday – scalp has some dry patches scattered and little itching
2/7 Saturday little itching
2/8 Sunday wash day; clay wash and L.C.O
2/9 Monday – scalp fine
2/10 Tuesday – scalp fine
2/11 Wednesday – scalp fine
2/12 Thursday – itching
2/13 friday – lots of itching but no sign of dryness (when my hair is dry my scalp looks white) retwisting tonight on old hair without washing for the first time for valentine’s day. Sprayed with water lightly and applied a small amount of Miss Jessie’s Buttercreme.
2/14 Saturday – scalp very itchy and notice dry patches scattered throughout.
2/15 Sunday – wash day; cowash with conditioner, no DC only LCO
2/16 Monday – scalp is fine
2/17 Tuesday – scalp not itching but there are flakes scarcely in my head; no visible dryness
2/18 Wednesday – scalp is fine outside of flakes that are there
2/19 Thursday – scalp is fine, no visible signs of dryness and not a lot of itching
2/20 friday little itching
2/21 Saturday same as Friday
2/22 Sunday same, wash day with protein treatment
2/23 Monday – scalp flaking no itching
2/24 Tuesday – no itching but several dry patches throughout my scalp
2/25 Wednesday – slight itching and scalp very very dry still
2/26 Thursday scalp severely dry
2/27 Friday – still dry
2/28 Saturday still dry more itching
3/1 Co wash day

I’ve learned some things from this month long journal: the shampoo and protein treatment tend to dry my scalp up quiet a bit. On days when I cowash my scalp does not get dry as quickly. What I don’t know is if it’s the shampoo or the protein treatment, or both of them combined. I feel that I have to do both so I’m not going to take them from my regimen. What I will do is oil my scalp the very next day after wash day and every other day there after.

Do you have a problem with your hair? Try journaling and let me know how it’s helped you. 😉


3 thoughts on “Chronicles of a Dry Itchy Scalp

  1. I will say this is a good thing you did with doing a journal! I should do this. My dry scalp problem was from shampoo. I totally cut shampoo from my regimen. And I don’t have as many problems with dry scalp!

  2. When I first went natural I cowash ed only and my scalp was never dry. I’ve started to add products to my hair and I don’t think cowash alone will clean the products from my hair…this is the only reason I wash. I think I may wash less tho, instead of monthly maybe when there is too much build up.

  3. I use apple cider vinegar to combat that. I shampoo once a month and cider rinse/co-wash once a week. It takes the build up away and leaves your hair shinies!

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