Product Review – LeKair Cholesterol Treatment


Since taking my locs down I’ve been using LeKair Cholesterol Plus as my protein deep conditioner monthly. I L.O.V.E. it! It does not over process my hair at all. Prior to locking I used Aubrey Organics  protein conditioner and it stripped my hair terribly.  I do feel like I abused it, so it may not have been as bad on my hair if I hadn’t used it often as I did. I think I used it bi-weekly and I dont recall doing a moisturizing DC afterwards. So I’m not bashing it totally, in fact I am going to attempt to use it again once my 2 bottles of LeKair are gone. What I do know is that the LeKair is great as a datangler and my hair does not feel hard nor stripped after I use it.  Doing some research on it turns out that it is a light protein treatment, so light that some argue that it is not a protein treatment at all.  :/ I believe it is what my hair needs to be a balance of protein and moisture, since our hair is primarily protein anyway. I use it monthly and also before I apply heat to my hair and after I am done with a straightened style.

How I use it:
Apply a good amount of product to dry hair from ends to root.
Put plastic cap on and wool hat
Shampoo out after 45 minutes

After this I apply my deep conditioner to restore moisture to my hair.


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