Product Review – Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme

Early on in my natural hair journey I vowed to NOT be a product junkie but to be a KISS kinda girl.  KISS  meaning keep it simple sister :). For the most part that worked. I did manage to stumbled upon some Miss Jessies back then and it was nice on my hair and I said I’ve got to try that again. Then I loc’ed and had no purpose for it. Now I’m not loc’ed  and I had to revisit it. 🙂 🙂  And so I did.

The smell of this creme is delicious and so is how it feels in my hands and hair. It’s very thick and creamy.  It keeps my hair moisturized for a couple of days actually an entire week. I don’t like the price, $58 foe 32 oz jar, or the greasy feel of my hair when I take my twist out however I think both of these may be my own issues. I am very heavy handed with my products so if I lay off a bit maybe my hair would not be as greasy and it might also last me longer which in turn would make it not so pricey. So far I’ve used it three times and I still have a good amount left. May get another 3 to 4 uses out of it so that would be approx 6 weeks worth of twist outs …hummmm that may be worth the money. Overall this is one of my staple products from this point on. Even so much that I am allowing it to replace my home made moisturizer, just for me not my daughter. Still going to keep things simple with her hair.   Below are the results of my twist out on wet hair using this product.




Me and my oldest daughter 🙂 can’t quite get her to go natural but to each their own


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