My Status = MIA :(

Been gone for a while…technically since August…some auto post may have suggested that I was on here posting through October but not really…lol  You know how in life you just have to take a break, welp that’s what I had to do.  My brain was fried and my body tired.  I’m still re-cooperating but I’m going to make an attempt to get on here more.  I missed the community and the growth that came with it.

Couple updates…which clearly show this isnt the only thing I’ve been slacking on

I did not keep up with my work out routine…actually stopped about two weeks in. 😦

I did not take my NCE because I haven’t been studying 😦 😦

While I am still natural I changed directions a bit… started my lock journey on January 15 🙂 🙂 🙂


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