Racism vs multiculturalism

So someone who’s blog I USED to follow wrote things that were very stereotypical even racist. It had me feeling some kind of way and I was typing my response to them when it was deleted (stupid iPhone app 😦 ). I started talking to a coworker about the article cause I wanted to make sure I wasn’t jumping to conclusions and while we both laughed at the articles portrait of our people (inside jokes) we came to the conclusion that the article creator was bashing our race but maybe just maybe they were not and they really did want to be accepted in our race as they suggested in the article (Even though I doubt it). Long story short, I believe God intervened on my message and for a reason. Allowed me to calm down and behave rationally. So the only thing I have to say is that there is a thin line between saying your not racist and actually modeling your life through actions as a non racist. when being knowledgeable about different cultures and appreciating the differences while not stereotyping any one culture (multiculturalism) is your aim then you can truly say you are not racist. But when you point out negativity and single out a specific group of people, well then you might be a racist.


No Pain No Gain

I did it! My fist day of fitness was yesterday. I followed the black girls do work out challenge but I did double everything and i added additional exercises. So here is what I did in order:

10 crunches
10 leg raises
10 sec plank
Jogged in place for two minutes
10 Side stretches
10 lunges each leg
10 squats

I ran in place because i needed a break but i also knew that i needed yo keep moving to keep my heart rate up. My legs are on fire and I know when I wake up in the morning they will be worse and my stomach too.mAs the days go on this pain won’t be as bad.

What made me push on was my husband vein right there by my side. It always helps to have a partner and when that person is already a big part of your life it makes it theta much better. My daughter bailed out on us but maybe next time. 😒

New Body Under Construction

Fitness plan

My day is finally here 🙂  I am starting a fitness challenge with my Husband and my oldest daughter this afternoon.  My son has been an athlete since he was 7 years old (Football)and he lives for fitness, so he’s already working out!  .  My husband was an  Athlete during HS and college (Basketball), so he’s just getting back on track. My daughter and I…well not so much…we are following in there shadows…lol.  While I started this journey because I want an overall healthier lifestyle I am not going to lie that I am going to be happy with the body that comes with it! 🙂 🙂   Wish me luck as I have not been in the gym in YEARS and I know my body is going to be upset with me when I start to challenge it to do these new thangs!  You can check out my DWO plan here and if you’d like to join in…JUST DO IT and of course let me know.  We can encourage each other along the way.

Pending the outcome of today’s work out and my ability to breath, walk, type, etc I will let you know the outcome…soon…I hope!

I Cant Live Without My…

There are some things that a girl cant live without. My kids, my husband, my money and my Hair Care Supply! I have some items that are like water to my survival as without them my hair would die. One of them is water! Somebody asked a question if you were stranded on an island and could only have one items which would you bring. My answer: If i’m on an island, i’m sure there is water everything I will utilize it in conjunction with the water to make my products. As long as there is a coconut, banana, and a leaf in site..I will work it out…lol. Seriously tho, there are several ingredients and products that I keep on hand. These same things are the main ingredients in my hair care plan or regimen.

I Cant Live Without My:

– Water (you knew it was going to be here)
– Coconut Oil
– Jojoba Oil
– Castor Oil
– Honey
– Aloe Vera Juice
– Grape seed Oil
– Wheat Germ Oil
– Tea Tree Essential Oil
– Peppermint Essential Oil
– Rosemary Essential Oil
– Basil Essential Oil
– Lavender Essential Oil
– Emu Oil
– Glycerin
– Vitamin A
– Vitamin E
– Vitamin D
– Flax Seed
– Kinky Curly Not Today leave in
– The Mane Choice Hair Butter