No Pain No Gain

I did it! My fist day of fitness was yesterday. I followed the black girls do work out challenge but I did double everything and i added additional exercises. So here is what I did in order:

10 crunches
10 leg raises
10 sec plank
Jogged in place for two minutes
10 Side stretches
10 lunges each leg
10 squats

I ran in place because i needed a break but i also knew that i needed yo keep moving to keep my heart rate up. My legs are on fire and I know when I wake up in the morning they will be worse and my stomach too.mAs the days go on this pain won’t be as bad.

What made me push on was my husband vein right there by my side. It always helps to have a partner and when that person is already a big part of your life it makes it theta much better. My daughter bailed out on us but maybe next time. 😒


4 thoughts on “No Pain No Gain

  1. Good job! Keep up the hard work. You can do it. Im working out tomorrow. Im running for at least 15 mins. Wish me luck.

  2. Thanks but unfortunately it was a fail. Well not totally I do plan on getting back on track but I worked out for three days then rested on the third as I was supposed to but my one day of rest turned into three 😦 Hope you had more success than I did. And good luck with it! 🙂

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