Cronicles of a natural hair journey

So for the past couple of months – since January – I have been getting a Dominican Blow out. Two weeks ago  I told one of my office assistants that I was natural. She burst into laughter insisting that I was not natural because I still had relaxer in my hair (my last relaxer was in December). So I posted the question on my Facebook page. Not surprisingly several friends commented in agreement with my assistant. This lead me on a quest to find out how I could have a healthy head of hair; the start of my natural hair journey.

So since then I’ve been researching youtube and several blogs to find out more from seasoned natural women.  So here I am! In the past I had always said I wanted locs but I could never cut all my hair off. I am still at that place now however, after struggling with my inner self over my choices, to BC or to transition, I have decided to transition until a few days before my wedding (June 16th) shameless post 🙂 I am going to BC when I get my wedding weave put in… Thought that would be a good time to start new hair since I would be starting a new life with my new husband!

I will post pics of my transition styles  as well as some product reviews. Won’t be much as i am a simplist: the least amount of product the better. Or at least I hope…only time will tell.

Relaxed Hair: